Ways to Avoid Hazards from Severe Weather Disturbance

Severe storms with strong winds are often packed by natural disasters and hurricanes. It can deal great damage to power lines and its distribution throughout the affected area together with flooding rains. Power lines can transform from being a provider of efficient and safe electrical power to your house every day to a silent killer.  

Avoid Hazards 

    Danger Around You 

You must be cautious of the power lines if you venture out whether the power to your home is functional either during or after the hurricane passes. Power poles are shared by the utility, telephone companies, and cable. You must be aware that other lines as well can energize downed electrical lines. 

Even non-conductive like pieces of wood can become a path for electricity when affected lines that are downed are soaked in water. Security fences can become a death trap if they are turned to electrified fences.  

Metal buildings, fences, poles, standing water, and mail boxes can be fatal as well if they are electrified. Nearby trees and branches are offered danger with sagging power lines. The electrical current can pass make a path in the wet trees and electrify you. 

    Driving In Hurricane Affected Areas 

Not driving around during or immediately following a hurricane is the best thing do to because there are many hazards in the road such as hail damage, landslides, and flash floods. These pose serious damages to your car as well as to you. Thankfully, there are services available for hail damage repair.  

You must never drive over a downed line because you can be electrified. It is advantageous that you stay in your car. It is crucial that you must not panic and call for help. 

    Fire Dangers  

You will have two problems if your car has made contact and catches fire. You must not panic and quickly get out of your car. What determines if you will survive is the way you exit your car. The first thing that you must do is open the door of your car and stand on the flashboard. Using both feet, jump away from the vehicle as far as possible. 

Never hang on to any portion of your car during the jump and this includes the handle of your door. You will likely become the path to ground from the energized car to the street below. You must keep in mind that your car has four rubber wheels and it is insulated from the ground. You will complete the circuit the moment you step out of your vehicle and touch it. 

    De-energized Power Lines 

If you can see that power lines are down and the power is out, you must not be too confident move a downed line because the power line can become energized at any time. You must ensure your safety when working around power lines, instead, assume that they are life and can electrify you. 

    Clean Up Dangers 

The area will likely be covered with tree branches and litter following a storm with strong wind. It can become a serious hazard for the person cleaning the branches using any metal object. It is crucial that you ensure safety before you clean.