Ways to Stir Up Excitement and Fun at Your Big Day

As you plan your party, corporate event or wedding ceremony, you may want to be certain that it does not always end up being another social function where visitors feel bored or left out. Despite of the design plan you presented, as a matter of fact, you cannot help that nagging feeling which sparks might not fly which the entire production may fall flat. The following are some of the things you will do in order to stir up excitement and fun at your very special day: 


  1. Create a Mutual Experience

You may hire a couple of certified dance instructors or DIs in order to encourage your visitors to dance as well as have some fun. With that being said, for sure, the dance floor will be jam packed the entire night long. 

  1. Create an Experience

One famous way is hiring a professional instructor to teach the visitors lessons on how to create a perfect cocktail. After visitors have perfected their skills, they leave with a logo or branded messages as a souvenir. 

  1. Create Lasting Memories

You may add or hire a photo booth service like Spokane wedding photo booth to your event and let it get spontaneous funny moments of visitors where they leave with a party favor or photo keepsake. Adding all of these playful and funny moments will absolutely have your visitors talking for weeks, months or even years about how much they enjoy your event. Making memories and walking away with a long-lasting impression is what really matters most. Your guests will send a note thanking you for inviting them. 

Tips to Take into Account Prior to Booking a Quality Photo Booth 

There are basically a lot of photo booth rental companies to book from which it can all feel a bit of uncertainties when trying to make a decision of who to book.  


The way you see it, a quality photo booth rental service is sometimes the only chance that your visitors get to have physical pictures from your event or wedding occasion. With that being said, the pictures which they can attach directly on their fridge or into the frame only remind you of the fun and joy they had at your event. If you have booked a photo booth service for your wedding eight years passed, you may notice that some of the pictures are no longer seen and unluckily, the quality is a bit horrifying. 

Do not be scared to ask for printed samples from a quality and reliable photo booth rental company. In addition to that, it is actually the best way in order to have a reliable idea as well as know exactly what you are paying for. You should also check out their social media and online photo galleries as well. 


There really is a quality photo booth for all. There are actually a lot of different kinds of photo booth, so prior to searching, just think about what you like them to be.





We can get too much heat from the sun by opening the windows or sometimes even we don’t open it, still too much can pass through the glass of the window. Making your place cooler could be very hard if the heat can go through the window. You need to know how to block it from coming through your window. You can try to put some spray foam insulation New Haven CT to make the window a heat resistant or even a cold resistant in your room or particular place. 

Heat Resistant

You can also have some thick and dark kind of curtains to all the windows you have. In this way, the sunlight can’t enter your room or it is not going to be easy for the air from the cooler air of your air conditioner to go out of the room. But before you do any actions or some steps to get rid of the hotness that you can feel inside. You need to do the following things below.  

  1. Inspecting carefully the windows could be a good and first step that you need to put in your mind. In this kind of matter, you will know which window in your house would need attention and which one should be fixed immediately. This will help you from spending money from renovating and changing all the windows that you have. You can ask for a second opinion from one of the members in your family. You need to make sure that there is really something wrong before you contact someone to insulate the window.  
  1. You can notice if there is a damage or a hole or even cracks on the window or to the frame of the window when during the rain there are some raindrops coming in or even there is a moist getting inside of the window or the side of it.  
  1. During the daytime you may notice some visible cracks. If you can’t find one or it is hard for you to see it. Then, you can use a flashlight or a lamp to check. It will be easy for you to see the damages by doing this step.  
  1. After figuring out the problem. You can do some hacks to provide efficiency and save money as well. You can put some sealable tapes into the cracks in the window. In this way, it will help not to fully damaged and cracked the area. Remember, that you can do this only to those small cracks or areas that are not so serious.  
  1. If you think, it is hard for you to fix the problem and you need to insulate the heat or cold. Then, you could have an insulator film. You can cover the whole windows temporarily and then fix it whenever you have time.  
  1. You may use a bubble wrap to cover the window or wrap the wall with it. You may use a blind or a curtain as well to fully ensure it won’t go through.